With many types of timber, distinguishing between species is often a difficult task without a microscope. It becomes a problem when mislabelling of species occurs – whether in furniture, building materials, or in food processing, such as smoking meats.

Mislabelling of tree species in the timber trade can result in products being made of lower-quality, unsuitable wood, or have a potentially dangerous effect in food production. In regards to origin isotope analysis, a correct genus must also be identified in order to determine the geographic location.

A sample of microscope images from our wood anatomy team - click for a larger view.

Agroisolab has a dedicated wood anatomy team at our office in North Yorkshire able to verify the genus of timber. We are able to carry out wood microscopy testing on:

  • Wood chips

  • Plywood

  • Solid wood

We offer fast and reliable wood microscopy testing to ensure the quality of products and supply chain reliance at reasonable prices. For more information, please contact us.


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