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Our Services

As one of the leading isotope testing service providers, we are continually looking for ways to deliver greater resolution, that's why our results include up to 8 isotope signatures - a more accurate result than we believe is available anywhere else.


We offer the following:

Country of origin testing

Organic authenticity

Reference databases

Enhanced traceability

• Consultancy


Our results don't hide behind the statistics

Pass/fail results can be helpful to direct action. However, this is often counter-productive with the relationship between supplier and buyer. At Agroisolab we take a much more detailed approach.


Our results always include the isotope signature of any tested material, this is compulsory as part of our ISO 17025 accreditation. Your report will include a detailed overview of the results, and a brief conclusion. If you require further explanation about the implications of the results.

Our reports are detailed, accurate and allow you to take decisive action.

You can expect to receive a full explanation of the results on a test report along with the level of confidence the sample is from its declared origin e.g. if a sample is <1% likely to be from its declared origin or production method, you can take firm action.

Reports you can take action from

Isotope testing in court cases:

Unfortunately there are examples of where weaknesses in supply chains have been exploited for financial gain. Our lab has used isotope testing results as evidence in several court cases including:


      •  5 cases: Location fraud in wine

      •  2 cases:  Location fraud in potatoes

      •  1 case: Location fraud for forestry seeds

      •  1 case: Adulteration fraud of acetic acid (vinegar)

      •  1 case: Pesticide fraud (Sept 2013 and ongoing action)

      •  1 case: Origin fraud in caviar (Oct. 2013)