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How to use the AHDB Pork database

Levy payers to AHDB Pork are able to use the AHDB Pork isotope database to verify their country of origin claims made on their packing.


If you would like to use the BPEX database to ensure the pork you are receiving is British, Scottish, English or Irish, you will require permission from AHDB Pork to do so.


Contact us for further details and explanation on how you can use the AHDB Pork isotope database for traceability in your product.


Geographic origin testing of prawns

Agroisolab are currently developing a geographic origin test for prawns.


The elements routinely analysed in SIRA are the stable isotope ratios of the bioelements; Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Sulfur. It is well established that the geographic variation in these elements within the various biochemical fractions of various products can be exploited to verify geographic origin.


In a product such as prawns these bioelements originate from the water the prawns are reared in and the food the prawns consume. For a geographic origin test to be established in a particular product, it is necessary to obtain and analyse authentic samples from known geographic locations. These ‘reference’ samples are used to define the expected ranges of isotope ratios for that product within their region/country of origin. Products compared to these ‘reference’ samples in a test are expected to have similar isotope ratio profiles to the reference samples if they originate from the same region.