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How to use the AHDB Pork database

Levy payers to AHDB Pork are able to use the AHDB Pork isotope database to verify their country of origin claims made on their packing.


If you would like to use the BPEX database to ensure the pork you are receiving is British, Scottish, English or Irish, you will require permission from AHDB Pork to do so.


Contact us for further details and explanation on how you can use the AHDB Pork isotope database for traceability in your product.


Developing the AHDB Pork database since 2009

The first major use of SIRA in the UK was by Agroisolab and AHDB Pork.


Since 2009, Agroisolab have worked with AHDB to develop the use of stable isotope analysis to test and verify origin claims made on packing e.g. British Pork and ensure legitimate supply. The database is now so extensive regional traceability is possible.


We are able to test for the origin of: fresh pork, ham and bacon using stable isotope analysis.

Contact us to discuss access to the AHDB Pork database IMG_1606 2016-08-13 13.20.40 pork page header

Did you know?

57% of pork products in France have no declared country of origin


African Swine Fever outbreaks may increase mislabelled pork in the EU


British pork receives a better price because it comes from higher welfare pigs

Do your suppliers care as much about your brand’s reputation as you do?

You only get one reputation, make sure no one drags it through the mud behind your back.


We know that it takes years to build a company’s reputation up from scratch but it only takes one public issue for that to evaporate. That’s why it’s important to follow the best-practice in traceability and quality management.


Risk assessments only help you find what you would expect to find. Scientific analysis shows you the truth irrespective of perceived risk. Agroisolab customers often use their results proactively to direct their investigations rather than simply check if a risk they’re aware of is affecting them.


Prove your pork is from the correct country of origin beyond doubt, test your pork with Agroisolab.


Contact us on +44 (0)1653 619 444 if you are interested in verifying the origin of pork using stable isotope analysis, or if you want to discuss how our services can benefit your traceability and quality management systems.

Eight isotope signatures per sample gives you better results than four

Pork isotope signatures

Agroisolab holds data for pork isotope signatures from:

- Austria

- England

- France

- Germany

- Italy

- Netherlands

- Northern Ireland

- Poland

- Republic of Ireland

- Scotland

- Spain

- Sweden

- Wales

The leading European laboratory for verifying the origin of pork

The most geographically diverse pork database in Europe

After working for over a decade with producers, pig companies and industry regulators, such as AHDB pork, to verify the origin of pork and pork products, we know that it’s important to know what the isotope signatures of pork look like from the countries you care about AND from other countries.


That’s why we’re proud to maintain the most geographically diverse databases of pork of any stable isotope laboratory. Levy payers to AHDB pork can take the greatest advantage of this. This means you can be most sure of the authenticity of your product with results from Agroisolab.

Most laboratories that offer stable isotope testing services only offer a few stable isotope signatures. Typically these are hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur stable isotope ratios. At Agrosisolab, we have developed patented methods to isolate more stable isotope signatures than any other laboratory.


Here is an example of the difference in resolution of results if four isotope ratios are used as opposed to eight isotope ratios. These maps were created using GIS software to show regions statistically consistent with a tested sample, we should note that this test is not our standard test but offers a visual representation of the results of a sample.


Top (pink)

Regions in Europe that are consistent with the above signature if FOUR isotope ratios are used. Isotope ratios used: D/H (proteins), 13C/12C (proteins), 15N/14N (proteins), and 34S/32S (proteins).


Bottom (blue)

Regions in Europe that are consistent with the sample if EIGHT isotope ratios are used. Isotope ratios used: 18O/16O (tissue water), D/H (tissue water), D/H (proteins), D/H (lipids), 13C/12C (proteins), 13C/12C (lipids), 15N/14N (proteins), and 34S/32S (proteins).

European hydrogen isoscape for pork - click image to expand.

Regions in Europe with statistically consistent isotope ratios to the signature above.

Click the images to expand.

Top reasons for origin mislabelling in pork

Combining auditing and the results of analysis


Mapping your supply chain and knowing your suppliers


Horizon scanning – keeping track and anticipating the latest risks


Keeping on top of the latest regulations

There are multiple reasons for origin mislabelling in food, not all origin mislabelling is motivated by profit. Agroisolab have worked with the European pig industries for over a decade to help improve traceability and identify issues in pork products.

In no particular order, here are the top 5 reasons we see origin mislabelling in pork.


• Food fraud / intentional mislabelling for profit

• Weak quality management systems

• Lack of understanding of the supply chain / buying in bulk off a screen

• Products shipped abroad for processing

• Suppliers using ANY means to meet the tough demands of a contract


Agroisolab will work with your business to improve your quality management system and insulate you from food fraud.

African Swine Fever spreading through Europe may cause an increase in pork mislabelling. Click image to expand.

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Is your company following the best practices for preventing food fraud?