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How to use the AHDB Pork database

Levy payers to AHDB Pork are able to use the AHDB Pork isotope database to verify their country of origin claims made on their packing.


If you would like to use the BPEX database to ensure the pork you are receiving is British, Scottish, English or Irish, you will require permission from AHDB Pork to do so.


Contact us for further details and explanation on how you can use the AHDB Pork isotope database for traceability in your product.


Developing the AHDB Pork database since 2009

The first major use of SIRA in the UK was by Agroisolab and AHDB Pork.


Since 2009, Agroisolab have worked with AHDB to develop the use of SIRA to test and verify origin claims made on packing e.g. British Pork and ensure legitimate supply. The database is now so extensive regional traceability is possible.


We are able to test for the origin of: fresh pork, ham and bacon using SIRA.

Contact us to discuss access to the AHDB Pork database IMG_1606 2016-08-13 13.20.40