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Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis (SIRA) is used to verify the declared provenance of products. Being able to prove  where a product comes from builds trust and closes traceability loopholes.


Over 30 years ago our partners developed SIRA to authenticate wine. 100 product reference databases later, we now deliver an unrivalled service in authenticating the origin of produce.

For nearly a decade the world-leading scientists at Agroisolab have developed methods to test produce in large quantities. Projects we have collaborated on are revolutionising traceability and authentication.



SIRA (Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis) is one of the only technologies that can reliably authenticate the origin of produce.  From agro-chemicals to pork, SIRA provides powerful verification of traceability ensuring that what you are purchasing is from its declared source.


Four things we need to know about food:

If we don't know where food comes from, can we trust it?

Following the horse meat scandal, consumers have never been more interested about what they buy. We understand that there are four key things everyone from consumers to buyers need to know about food in order to trust in it.


   1.  That it is safe

   2.  That is has been produced to acceptable standards

   3.  That we know what the food is

   4.  That it comes from where the label says it comes from

SIRA is the best technology to authenticate the origin of food. If the product doesn't come from where the label say, the first three things are no longer meaningful.

SIRA: Verifying Provenance

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What is SIRA?

Tracking nature with stable isotope analysis

Agroisolab UK have been experts in the use of isotope analysis for provenance testing, counter-fraud and authentication of organic produce at the commercial level for a decade.


We support food producers, retailers and suppliers by providing a range of analytical testing services that underpin brand integrity and assurance to assist with supply chain risk mitigation.


Our EN ISO/EIC 17025 accredited food lab Agroisolab GmbH delivers world-leading technology to re-trace food, combat illegal trade, authenticate exports and much more.



Meet Agroisolab at WWF UK!

Agroisolab UK will be at the WWF Living Planet Centre in Woking on the 15th of March to discuss traceability in timber. Please come and meet us if there's anything you'd like to know about timber regulations or traceability!