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Ensure product traceability "From farm to fork."

Though food companies generally have excellent paper traceability from farm to point of sale, often supply chain visibility of produce starts at the pack house/processor and not at the farm.


SIRA allows for both verification of produce and for visibility of where produce came from before it entered the pack house.


Give buyers the strongest confidence that products come from where they are declared to come from by regularly testing your products.

Enhanced traceability

Protect brand values with 100% traceability

Consumers buy products based on ethical choices. Where a product often plays the most important role in this.


For example: How would a consumer react if they discovered they purchased a product labelled as fairtrade but in fact came from a non-fairtrade producer?


Whether you are an organic producer or a seller of British products, SIRA works to help protect your brand and boost buyer confidence.

Traceability is one of the most important attributes of a supply chain. As SIRA is the only technology that can validate where a product comes from, it stands to reason that having SIRA signatures of every supplier means 100% traceability can be achieved and measured with the appropriate due diligence testing..

Guarantee effective product traceability

Developing 100% traceability using SIRA requires:

    o  Complete database of suppliers including locations

    o  Development of a robust sampling procedure

    o  Completion of the appellation database

    o  Testing to demonstrate effectiveness


E.g. does this test sample come from my supplier base of 10 farms?

If you would like to discuss achieving 100% traceability using SIRA please contact us for further details.

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