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Simplifying complicated results

The implications of SIRA results can have wide-reaching consequences, our considerable expertise in the agri-food industry means that we are uniquely capable of converting complex science into steps of action you can take.

Isotope testing consultancy

Second opinion

Have you received results from another lab that don't make sense?

We simplify the jargon, cut through the complex statistics and deliver evidence to help you support or refute a claim made by another lab.


If you need a second opinion on the results from another lab, we'll be on hand to guide you through the process till a satisfactory conclusion is reached.

Laboratories all over the world are continuing to develop new techniques to authenticate produce, which one is right for you?


We understand that it isn't always straightforward in choosing the right test. With over a decade of experience in food and non-food authentication we will offer you an unbiased view into the strengths and limitations of new methods.

Expert insight into new testing methods

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