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The implications of SIRA results can have wide-reaching consequences, our considerable expertise in the agri-food industry means that we are uniquely capable of converting complex science into steps of action you can take.


A guided approach to solving problems

SIRA is used by many in the supply chain to investigate the source of problems when they occur.


Because SIRA is a measure of traceability, it can be used to pinpoint where in the industry a problem may have occurred. For example, organic produce may come from a site accredited as organic, but the animals on site have been consuming an inorganic ration. SIRA would detect this flaw and be able to follow through the supply chain.

Organic authentication using SIRA looks at the isotopes that give information about the feed an animal has consumed, or the type of fertilisation used on a plant to discern whether the product has been produced using organic methods.

Organic authentication

SIRA is most commonly used to authenticate the origin of products for example "Is this wine from the Bordeux region?". In timber SIRA can be used to authenticate whether the timber came from a particular area of forest.

Origin/country of origin authentication

Feed composition authentication can be used to authenticate whether a "corn-fed" chicken has been fed a diet that matches the defined specification (e.g. has this chicken been fed 50% corn as defined by the spec?). Whole rations themselves can be authenticated to charter-mark their status e.g. organic.

Feed composition authentication


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