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Authenticating produce since 2006

The company became involved with isotope technology back in 2006. When founder and Managing Director, Roger Young, was introduced to the concept he immediately saw the potential for its use within many industries; e.g. clothing manufacture, agriculture, timber and food production.


In a time when consumer trust in produce has never been more important, the use of isotope testing has become a widespread practice from producers to the UK's largest retailers.

About us

Access to world experts in authentication

Working with the greatest minds in SIRA

Longhand Isotopes and Agroisolab GmbH have been developing the use of isotope analysis at the commercial level for the past decade.


Through this partnership, we are able to provide not only expert testing, using leading edge technologies, but expert analysis and interpretation of your results, based on many years of experience.

Our lead scientist Dr. M. Boner, based at Agroisolab GmbH, researched the authentication of Beef using SIRA for his doctorate.


Since the award of his doctorate, Dr. Boner has worked on countless governmental and international authentication projects such as the project to protect against illegal logging run by the Global Timber Tracking Network  (see video right), and the BPEX database.

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